Angel Safe Foundation
~Keeping Angels on the Ground~
About Us

Angel Safe Foundation started as simply a mother on a mission to keeping children safe. 

Angel Safe Foundation was a 501(c) 3 California Corporation, with tax exempt status until our relocation to Oklahoma.

We have maintained this site to promote awareness and protection for our children.

The purpose of Angel Safe Foundation is to provide information on missing children, tips on how to avoid your child from being a victim and Memorials dedicated to those who have lost their lives to senseless crime. 

Angel Safe Foundation is still committed to helping families of missing children by providing support and contact with our friends of other non-profit organizations who can facilitate anything needed to form search parties, poster distribution, and all needs that may arise with finding a child who is missing. We will also feature your missing child on our website and continue all efforts possible to aid in the recovery of your missing child. 

This site was inspired by the senseless acts of abuse to children as a whole.

We ask that you please support the sites that have been listed here for the safety of our next generation.

Your help, watchful eyes, ears, and volunteering may help an innocent child from being victim to senseless crime.

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